The 2018 open enrollment period is now closed.

If you have experienced a triggering event (such as a loss of health insurance coverage, marriage, or pregnancy) you may be able to enroll in the Colorado Bridge Program outside of the open enrollment period. To enroll, submit the Account Change Form. To learn more about what qualifies as a triggering event, click here.

Learn more about the Kaiser Permanente Colorado Bridge Program

The Kaiser Permanente Colorado Bridge Program is designed to help those who are uninsured with no access to other health coverage pay for standard Kaiser Permanente Individuals and Families (KPIF) Plan (Kaiser Permanente CO Gold 0/20 Plan and the Select CO Gold 0/20 Plan). The Colorado Bridge Program also includes the Kaiser Permanente sponsored Medical Financial Assistance program. MFA eliminates out-of-pocket costs for most services provided at Kaiser Permanente medical offices. MFA does NOT cover copayments and coinsurance for all covered plan benefits. Some of the benefits MFA does NOT assist with include but are not limited to hospital inpatient care, dialysis, durable medical equipment and hearing aids. For more information about the Colorado Bridge Program and what services are covered in the Denver/Boulder, Northern Colorado, Mountain Colorado, and Pueblo service areas, click here. To learn more about the services covered in the Southern Colorado (Colorado Springs) service area, click here.

Who is eligible:

*If you are not eligible for Colorado Bridge, Kaiser Permanente has additional options available through the Connect for Health Colorado, Colorado's Marketplace. Click here to learn more.


Under the Colorado Bridge Program, monthly premiums for the KP CO Gold 0/20 Plan start at $20 for one person and $60 for a family, based on family size and income (premiums are subject to change). Multiple payment options are available, see options. MFA lowers the cost sharing for services provided at Kaiser Permanente medical offices to $0. For services not provided at Kaiser Permanente medical offices, members are responsible for the full cost sharing under the KP CO 0/20 Plan. The coverage period lasts up to 24 months but not beyond December 31 of the calendar year, with an opportunity to renew. If you do not send in your monthly payments, your KP CO Gold 0/20 coverage, including MFA, will end and you will not be eligible to re-apply until the next open enrollment period.

View a chart with information about monthly premiums.

To Apply:

You must apply through a designated enrollment assister or your application will be denied.
Find a location near you.

Locations are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for enrollment appointments. Interpreter services are available at no cost to you. Kaiser Permanente staff will provide a telephone interpreter to assist members who speak limited or no English.

You will need to provide proof of income in order to qualify.

Your application must be received during an open enrollment period or during a Special Enrollment Period. In general, the special enrollment period is 60 days after a triggering event such as marriage, birth or adoption of a child, divorce, or loss of job and job-based health coverage. To enroll, submit the Account Change Form.


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